Monday, 24 May 2021

The Saga of Incest. Ch - 24

I was fed up stroking my cock and keeping myself aroused watcing my daddy fucking his beautiful sister who was also now mother of my baby. i also wanted to put my cock inside her cunt because for this only i denied the request of my mummy to fuck her in her marital bed while her husband, my daddy fucked his sister in my bed.

Me: "Daddy....... you are fucking phupi from that time....... let me also fuck your sister......."

Daddy: "beta....... please....... let me finish with her first...... then you can take her........"

Me: "Daddy...... ok then...... you fuck her from behind and let me suck her tits......... i will suck her boobs and play with her body lying under her and you can enter her pussy from behind......."

Phupi: "yes bhaiyaaa..... please let Zaheer suck my tits and suck the milk out of my boobs..... i am very full and i want to take some milk out....... please bhaiyaaa.... you can fuck me from behind......."

Daddy: "OK beta Zaheer..... you can enjoy her...... you suck her and let me fuck her........"

Zara phupi moved down from daddy's lap and turned around. i laid back on the bed on my back and pulled Zara phupi on my body. i moved my hands around her back and unhooked her bra. she removed her bra straps from her shoulder and her bra fell down on my body.

Zara phupi bend down and grabbed her bra with her teeth and threw it away from us. she then brought her face towards mine and we kissed passionately. Daddy grabbed Zara phupi by her ass and moved her ass up. Zara phupi spread her legs to give easy access to daddy. she moved her hand under her pussy to grab daddy's cock and guide him inside her cunt.

Sunday, 23 May 2021

The Saga of Incest. Ch - 23

Our life just got better. Daddy knew about my affair with his sister and the truth about the paternity of my son. He knew that he was the grandfather of his own sister's baby. Everyday we would joke and chit chat and every night daddy fucked my mummy in his bedroom and I fucked Zara phupi in my bedroom.

Daddy’s affair continued with his stepmom, Amina and so did my affair with my mummy Rubina. Everyday in the morning after breakfast, daddy would go to his late fathers home to meet his stepmother Amina. Obviously he went there to fuck her as she was alone in the home and her kids were away at school and college.

At this time, I had the freedom to fuck my mummy in her bedroom. I fucked her in the same bed where my daddy fucked her last night. And every time I fucked mummy now, I cummed inside her pussy as we were desperately trying to have a baby.

I got two cunts for my cock and my daddy also had two cunts for his cock. But daddy wanted more. He wanted to fuck his sister again and make love to her. But since she was sleeping with me every night, he couldn’t get his chance.

Every night after fucking mummy, daddy would come out and sit in the living room to watch some tv. But mummy would be sleeping in her room. One night before I fucked Zara phupi, she went downstairs to get water bottle. When daddy saw her coming alone, he thought that it was the perfect chance to fuck her as her wife was sleeping and I was in my room upstairs.

Daddy: “Zaraa… come here…..”

Phupi: “yes bhaiyyaa… what happened…???”

Saturday, 22 May 2021

The Saga of Incest. Ch - 22

Present Day

I continued fucking my mother and pregnant aunt Zara. Now both the women were sleeping with me every night. There were no more secrets left between us now. Every night I got to fuck my mummy and Zara phupi together in my parents bed.

When Zara phupi was seven months pregnant, we went to hospital for a check up which was done two times a month at that stage. Doctor had a detailed check up of Zara since she had a history of three failed pregnancies.

After check up, doctor came out and started discusiing about phupi’s health with me. Since she knew that I fucked my aunt and made her pregnant, nothing was hidden from her about our relation.

Doc: “Zaheer…. I want to ask you something…..”

Me: “yes doc…. What you want to know….???”

Doc: “are you still having sex with your phupi???”

Me: “yes doctor….. why???? Is something serious???”

Doc: “no….. nothing much serious…. But I advice you to stop having hsex with her now…. Atleast till she gives birth to your child….”

Phupi: “doctor… please tell me that everything is normall….. I don’t want to loose my baby again…..”

Doc: “don’t worry Zara….. everything is normal….. and if you want your child to be normal…. I advice to stop doing sex at this stage…. It is not good for your baby….”